Atomic Betty SeriesEdit

Betty BarrettEdit

  • The main Character for both Atomic Betty Series and the Crossover Series. She is a galactic Guardian known as Atomic Betty. She was 12, lives in Moose Jaw Heights and somehow she likes Sci-Fi, Sports, and other stuff, She ended the fan war in the crossover series, and she is Courtney's best friend.
  • Voiced by Tajja Isen in the English Version, Yoko Honna in the Japanese Version

Noah ParkerEdit

  • He is a friend of Betty, He was in both the original series and the crossover series and he has obviously has a secret crush on Betty.
    • Voiced by Laurie Elliott (English) and Junko Takeuchi (Japanese)

Chaz LangEdit

  • Betty's main Love Interest since Season 3, named Mission Earth, and also in the Crossover Series, He is also the older brother of Penelope. He realized what somebody did until it was Chris McLean, He has a friendship and rivalry with Duncan and Noah Parker.
    • Voiced by Scott McCord (English), Soichiro Hoshi/Ken Takeuchi [OVA] (Japanese)

Penelope LangEdit

  • Betty's rival. She hates Betty because she has a lot of popularity more than Penelope. She is also a rival of Heather in the Crossover Series. She is a DuncanxGwen supporter since she hates Courtney for being a meanie in Total Drama Action.
    • Voiced by Ashleigh Ball, replacing Catherine Disher (English), and Misato Fukuen (Japanese)

Regeena PetersonEdit

  • Betty's friend since Mission: Earth. She was also the daughter of Principal Peterson.
    • Voiced by Leah Renee Cudmore (English), and Minami Takayama (Japanese)


  • Lieutenant Sparky, An alien Galactic Guardian of the Atomic Betty Series, also on the Crossover Series. He is also Betty's friend.
    • Voiced by Rick Miller (English), and Hiroyuki Yoshino (Japanese)


  • Robot X-5, He is one of the Galactic Guardians who was a robot, and also Betty's robotic friend
    • Voiced by Bruce Hunter (English), Toshiyuki Morikawa (Japanese)

Admiral DeGillEdit

  • The admiral of the Galactic Guardian Headquarters, He is a fish, and the first Galactic Guardian next to Betty's grandmother, Beatrixo
    • Voiced by Adrian Truss (English), Tetsu Inada (Japanese)

Maximus IQEdit

  • The main villain of the crossover series and also of the original series. He invades earth after Betty's shocking truth on Earth to end a fan war.
    • Voiced by Colin Fox (English), Hiroshi Iwasaki (Japanese)

Minimus PUEdit

  • The two-faced assistant of Maximus, and he is aware of his assistance to Maximus.
    • Voiced by Matt Hill (English), Yasuhiro Takato (Japanese)

Betty's ParentsEdit

  • They are Betty's unnamed parents.
    • Voiced by Kristina Nicoll and Patrick McKenna (English), Urara Takano and Hochu Otsuka (Japanese)

Total Drama SeriesEdit

Chris McLeanEdit

  • The homo-host of the Canadian animated reality show, Total Drama. He is the second villain of the crossover series
    • Voiced by Christian Potenza (English) and Keiji Fujiwara (Japanese)

Chef HatchettEdit

  • The Chef and Chris' assistant.
    • Voiced by Cle Bennett (English) and Kenta Miyake (Japanese)


  • A punk rebel bad boy from the Total Drama Series, he had a relationship with Courtney, until it ended on Total Drama World Tour for realizing that Courtney was mean with the term of Boy-Girl Friendship between Gwen and him. But when Betty ended the fan war, Duncan realized that Courtney is the one he knows and loves from the beginning after she confessed her love for him.
    • Voiced by Drew Nelson (English) and Noriaki Sugiyama (Japanese)


  • A neutral girl which her heritage was Hispanic. She is a character of Total Drama, and she had a relationship with Duncan until Season 3 of Total Drama, which she broke up with him and became a second villain next to Heather due to Chris being a jerk with Courtney after Geoff had revenge on him. But she reinstates her relationship with Duncan after Betty ended the fan war by telling the whole shocking truth. She was a competitive girl for which she became an Ex-villain in the Crossover Series, by being sorry for everyone except Heather, Chris and the producers who made the fanboys ruining her life. In the First Crossover Movie, She was recruited as a galactic guardian until she quits in the end of the movie.
    • Voiced by Emilie Claire-Barlow (English) and Yui Horie (Japanese)


  • The goth girl of Total Drama, she is a bit of a lone wolf, but she had a relationship with Trent until Episode 16 of TDI, Which it's complicated since Heather tricked Gwen. But on Season 3, she changed her mind about having a budding relationship with Duncan, which made Courtney 100% jealous. In the Crossover Series, she still loves Trent but she might have learned the truth about Heather's Gwent break-up plan.
    • Voiced by Megan Fahlenbock (English) and Saeko Chiba (Japanese)


  • He is a guitarrist and a singer, but he had a relationship with Gwen, after its break-up, He assumes that Heather is not his girlfriend (not literally in the series), At least, He might have a possible switcheroo romance with Courtney after Duncan cheating on her, until Betty ended the fan war and Courtney and Gwen confess their loves in the panel.
    • Voiced by Brad Swaile (English, Replacement for Scott McCord) and Koki Uchiyama (Japanese)