This wiki has no actual information, except about the character's biographies on separated series, and it's for fan-purposes only. Atomic Betty and Total Drama are all owned by Teletoon, Fresh TV, Cake Distribution, Breakthrough Films, Tele Images International, M6 France, Atomic Cartoons, Marathon Group, Neptoon Studios, Cartoon Network and The Hub. The fanon series will be just like Total Drama Sujira, but with Atomic Betty II and with Japanese Animation mixing with Canadian Animation.

For The Wiki by other WikisEdit

The words who are official biographies of both series is not owned by Me (NaruIchi97) but by other users of Wikia and other contributors who edits wikis for a reason or some. These are taken by both the Total Drama Wiki and the Atomic Betty Wiki. The words who aren't in any of both wikis but this wiki is owned by Me (For I have written the character about in the crossover series, and the info and not the original ones who are separated). I did not mean to do any harm to you guys. Please forgive me, I credit you for doing biographies in other wikis related for both Total Drama and Atomic Betty.