North AmericaEdit

The North American Distribution for Atomic Betty X Total Drama is by Bandai Entertainment since Namco parterned with Bandai in 2006 as Namco Bandai Games, and by Warner Bros. Pictures along with Teletoon due to Cartoon Network Shows airing on Teletoon in Canada and some of Teletoon's shows airing on Cartoon Network, which CN is owned by TimeWarner Company. In May 2012, Atomic Betty X Total Drama will be airing on CN's Adult Swim part of the re-launch of the Toonami Block, as using the Uncut Version. As of October 2012, Teletoon and Bandai Entertainment commemorating 15th Anniversary of Teletoon, The Re-Release of Atomic Betty X Total Drama as running for a new opening and new ending and it aired All October Long at 8pm on Teletoon Only. Since May 2013, despite Ultimate being licensed and co-distributed by Aniplex and due to the collaborative licensing of the Atomic Betty X Total Drama ZX reboot anime as well as Spider Riders, FUNimation rescued ABXTD from BEI following its closure and it will re-release the series on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download. Viz Media announced that Neon Alley will air the original Atomic Betty X Total Drama series in Winter 2013 along with Slash Prime and ZX.

  • Channel: Teletoon (Canada), Cartoon Network, NaruIchi97 Anitoku, AtomicRanger97 Network, FUNimation Channel (USA), Neon Alley (NA as of 2013)
  • Rating: 14+ (Canada, Uncut), G (Canada, Edited), TV-PG (USA, Edited), TV-14 (USA, Uncut)


Bandai Visual has owned the rights to Atomic Betty X Total Drama and used the japanese cast of Atomic Betty (Those who had confirmed to voice some of the characters) and Total Drama (excluding Kentaro Ito, whom he was replaced by Toshihiko Seki to voice Owen) and is broadcasting on Japanese TV Channels like TV Tokyo, Cartoon Network and Animax. The series has been re-runned with a new opening and ending as named "Atomic Betty X Total Drama: Teletoon 15th Anniversary Special Edition" and Bandai Visual teamed up with Aniplex as of October 2012 for the Ultimate series running from May on TV Tokyo.

  • Channel: TV Tokyo (Uncut), Cartoon Network (Edited), Animax (Uncut), AT-X, TV Aichi, TBS, MBS, CBC, Kids Station

Latin AmericaEdit

Due to Bandai being in Latin America not to distribute anime but launch toys of Power Rangers, Ben 10, Thundercats and others, Warner Bros. Pictures Latin America will own Latin Spanish Rights to the series along with Televisa for the Latin Spanish Dub of Atomic Betty X Total Drama. The Latin Spanish Dub will be of 2 versions, The Edited dub will be dubbed in Colombia in collaboration with Venezuela with the cast of both series and airing on Cartoon Network. However, the Uncut dub will be dubbed in Mexico under Televisa and Warner Bros. Rights and it will air on the Latin American channel I-Sat. The Edited version will also air in public Networks all over Latin America, including Brazil. The Brazilian Portuguese Dub will be for both versions only in Latin America (Brazil).

Country Channel
Mexico Televisa Channel 5 (XHGC-TV)
Argentina Telefe
Brazil Rede Globo (All Channels)
Venezuela Venevision (Channel 4)
Ecuador TC Television (Channel 10), NaruIchi97MAX (Channel 3)
Colombia RCN (Any Channel)
Honduras Televicentro
Peru Panamericana Television
Guatemala TV Maya (Channel 5)
El Salvador Megavision
Dominican Republic Sport Vision (Channel 35)
Chile TVN (Channel 7)
Latin America Cartoon Network, I-SAT (Any Digital Cable Channel), NaruIchi97MAX (Cable Port)



South AfricaEdit



The series will be airing on any countries in Asia. It will be aired in Animax, NaruIchi97 Television, Cartoon Network and soon in 2013 on the New Toonami Channel from Turner Asia.

Country Channel
South Asia Cartoon Network, Toonami, NaruIchi97 Television
Phillipines HERO TV
Singapore Okto