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Celebrity Manhunt Disaster (有名人のマンハントの災害, Yūmeijin no manhanto no saigai) is the fourth episode of Atomic Betty X Total Drama.

Celebrity Manhunt Disaster
Season One, Episode Four
Air date January 27, 2012 (JP)
February 3rd, 2012 (NA)
Written by Akiyuki Shinbo
Keith Oliver
Aaron Montalvo (Story)
Directed by John Dereviany
Tim Burns
Jennifer Pertsch
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Galactic Guardian Headquarters, Now in Ontario!
The First Responsibles for the Duncan and Courtney Pairing Destruction

Episode SynopsisEdit

In Celebrity Manhunt, Josh and Blaineley mentioned about that Betty ended the fan war on an convention, ending up with confessions. But after they filmed the episode, Blaineley got frustrated after Betty and Courtney were friends and she thinks that what Betty said are all lies. When Chris got transported to the Galactic Guardian Headquarters, He finds himself to Admiral DeGill and tells about how he did with the show and what is going to do for Season 4, which he was bothered.


  • Blaineley O'Halloran
  • Josh
  • All ABXTD Characters


Rating: PG-12 (Japan), TV-PG (Cartoon Network Debut), TV-14 (Adult Swim Debut), 14+ (Teletoon At Night Debut), PG (Teletoon Debut)