NOTE: This takes place after both third seasons of AB and TD. In this episode it shows the alternate ending of Total Drama World Tour in Canada. The ending shows Alejandro as the winner in the TDWT version only in Canada, Dominican Republic and Half of Europe. This episode is the only one not to have an opening.


The Episode begins when In the evening, when Betty Barrett was watching the shocking latest episode of Total Drama World Tour about a challenge in Greece during the marathon, She was shivering about Courtney's anger and hatred on Gwen due to its fanboys and her behavior. in the episode "the Ex-Files" which Betty is watching it she got shocked after the word Courtney said.

Courtney: (on TV) No. More. Ms. Nice Girl!

Betty got shocked and almost shed a tear to dissapointment on her new personality.

Betty: No, this can't be happening...

Meanwhile, Noah and the others got shocked and worried after Duncan and Courtney's break-up. Except Chaz, for which he got a bit mad to Courtney as she is now. And his young sister, Penelope, which she got happy that Duncan got a new lover.

Days Later before the finale, she predicted that in the TDWT Finale, Duncan and Courtney would forgive each other but in the end, it failed after Heather won the game.

Betty: *groans* That bitch! Why did she won, and why Courtney is mad and Duncan is happy? They should've been forgiven.

Meanwhile in Ontario, The cast felt dissapointed about what happened in Total Drama. Especially Trent, Gwen, Duncan and Courtney.

Courtney: (seeing what she was in the third season) What have I done...? *teary* What the hell have I done to deserve this hatred?

And then Meanwhile, Betty Saw the whole ending when Ezekiel attacks Heather and then the volcano erupted and shocked the fans.

Chris (on TV): See you next season, I guess.

Alejandro (on TV): (runs past, howling in pain)

Chris (on TV): Maybe with a whole new cast, cause, let's face it, these guys are probably gonna melt. Until next time, I'm Chris McLean, and this has been Total....Drama...

Ezekiel (on TV): (falls screaming from the sky and crashes into Chris and Chef's boat)

[on the ending, the contestants laughed at Chris' misfortune except for Blaineley and Alejandro, until the flaming rocks are falling, and the contestants swim away]

Heather: Wait! Do I get my money or what? (she then sees a giant boulder falling towards her; screams and starts swimming away from the rock and as the rock goes near her, it cuts to static and then goes to the credits)

Betty reacted after the ending and she started to scream in agony.

Betty: *screaming* Nooooooooooooooooooo!

Then Betty started crying in fear and sorrow as she believed that the whole cast of Total Drama were dead. And she lived in fear since she realized that there were some haters of both Gwen and Courtney and so many fan wars in real life and the internet. And she lost faith in Chris due to destroying a pairing she loves.

[Cues Logo in the End]

Part OneEdit

Betty: *narrating* It was summer, We almost finished middle school and I still lived in fear despite my braveness of being a galactic guardian. Why? Because of 2 reality show celebrities being broken up, fan wars and a vision of a future imperfect for Courtney due to her behavior and her personality. And it's almost graduation day. And things are about to change these days. At least, some of my friends remember the show's backlash in love to those two.

(And then Noah came and called Betty out)

Noah: Betty!

Betty: Hey Noah, What's up?

Noah: Eh, I am fine.

Noah: So, did you saw Total Drama World Tour?

Betty: Yes, the finale, It was pretty much horrible. All the cast is Dead, Duncan does not care about Courtney due to her bitchiness and does not try to apologize for cheating on her, and Heather won.

Noah: Uh, Betty, I think you just saw the alternate ending. The real one is where Alejandro won.

Betty: Oh. So Alejandro Won in the real ending. But I don't care. No matter how one of those two won the third season, Duncan and Courtney will never be re-canonized and revived. The Duncan and Gwen relationship is now canon. I cannot do something to save the pairing and Fanon can't change anything anymore.

Noah: Let's face it, Courtney will always be obsessed in victories, she will never know about friendship, which it won't make some teamwork to win. and she will not be nice to everyone. And you cannot change her if that's how she is and always will be.

Betty: She is a nice girl.

Noah: Used to be one. But until the defeat just turned from good to evil.

Betty: UGH! You seem to be one of those Total Drama fanboys who does not blame the ones I do.

Noah: Who?

Betty: Chris McLean, because of not tolerating teamwork or friendship. The writers and the producers, for changing the canon of the series. and Geoff and Bridgette, for getting revenge on Duncan.

Noah: But they didn't do anything...

Betty: In my headcanon. Meaning the canon of a fan as an idea, and also an idea not mentioned in the real series. And the reason why Geoff got revenge on Duncan by making a DXG Video on the Aftermath? They want revenge for voting Bridgette off in Season 1, because Duncan did not like what Bridgette told him in his stinking face.

Noah: Well that's your problem. You're making yourself look like a hardcore Duncan and Courtney shipper.

Betty: Hardcore?! Are you fucking kidding me, Noah?!

Noah: No, I am serious!

Betty: Ugh, You know what? *sighs* This is serious bullshit. I can't believe you couldn't trust me about what I said.

(Then Chaz appears)

Chaz: Hi, Betty.

(Then Betty turns around, and sees Chaz with a blush)

Betty: *nervous chuckle* Hey, Chaz.

Chaz: What's with the rage with Noah?

Noah: She is acting like she is a DxC Shipper when she tells me about some one who is kinda pointless to blame, like Chris, Geoff, Bridgette, and the writers.

Chaz: Why?

Betty: Because, despite her personality, It's not her fault that some of the writers and Chris did this to Gwen, Courtney and Duncan.

Chaz: What do you mean? Courtney was mean to everybody.

Betty: But it's not her fucking fault! Nor Gwen, Nor Duncan. The writers just screwed her up, Big Time. They even screwed up her relationship with Duncan.

Noah: That's tsundere shit if you know what I mean.

Betty and Chaz: Shut the fuck up, Noah!

Betty: You have to believe me. Don't you remember Heather made Gwen and Trent break-up on Season one? She was not really in love with him.

Chaz: Yes. But maybe it's the fact that she hates relationships on a reality show.

Betty: Exactly.

Betty: and Chris and the others are like Heather.

Regeena: *appearing* Yeah but why Geoff and Bridgette?

(Then Regeena appeared by walking to Betty)

Betty: Hi, Regeena.

Regeena: After all, the third season sucked big time.

Betty: No shit.

Regeena: Again, Why?

Betty: I think it´s because on Season One, she insulted him by saying that he´s mean. Which, she was voted off by Duncan and then Geoff gets revenge on him on the second season´s second aftermath because he loved her.

Noah: By what?

Betty: Well, Duh! It´s obvious, He showed to Gwen and Courtney a video about Duncan and Gwen, which I think Geoff and Bridgette with their voices changed. And Geoff changed about What Courtney thinks about friendship since he heard that in the game they are all enemies.

Chaz: That´s shocking.