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Episode Title


1 End of a Fan War (ファンの戦争の終わり,

Fan no sensō no owari)

Betty lived in fear, and his friends felt a huge dissapointment on Total Drama World Tour due to its fanbase and the things that makes Betty and his friends mad, except for Penelope, Later, She decided to go to Ontario with her friends on an convention to end a fan war by telling the truth behind the stuff Chris had done in Season 3 of Total Drama during a panel on the fifth season afterRevenge of the Island, making Courtney ending up confessing her love for Duncan, and Gwen confessing her love for Trent to get Heather really mad. Maximus saw on TV that Betty ended a Total Drama fan war on Earth, and he starts invading earth

2 Going to Ontario for a While (しばらくの間、オンタリオ州に行く,Shibarakunoaida, Ontario-shū ni iku) After the end of the Fan War, Betty and her friends got some days to hang out with the Cast of Total Drama, except for Heather and Alejandro. Also, Betty tells Courtney to know about Friendship when it comes to a serious relationship with Duncan that satisfies Betty and Chaz and the fans of the pairing so she can take friendship with a girl or a boy when Duncan and Gwen are friends.
3 Galactic Guardian Headquarters, Now in Ontario! (今すぐオンタリオ州銀河ガーディアン本部!, Ima sugu Ontario-shū ginga gādian honbu!) Since Betty and her friends hang out with the Total Drama Cast for a long time in the summer. Admiral DeGill decides to move the Headquarters to Ontario.
4 Celebrity Manhunt Disaster (有名人のマンハントの災害,Yūmeijin no manhanto no saigai) In Celebrity Manhunt, Josh and Blaineley mentioned about that Betty ended the fan war on an convention, ending up with confessions. But after they filmed the episode, Blaineley got frustrated after Betty and Courtney were friends and she thinks that what Betty said are all lies. When Chris got transported to the Galactic Guardian Headquarters, He finds himself to Admiral DeGill and tells about how he did with the show and what is going to do for Season 4, which he was bothered.
5 The First Responsibles for the Duncan and Courtney Pairing Destruction (ダンカンとコートニーのペアリング破壊のための第一の責任,Duncan to Courtney no pea ringu hakai no tame no daiichi no sekinin) The cast thought that Chris, the writers of Total Drama and Heather made this break-up happen, but they are not just them, Duncan, DJ, Trent, Sparky and Chaz realized that Geoff and Bridgette did the plan to break-up Duncan and Courtney, Which Courtney decides to be enemies with Bridgette since she insulted Duncan in the Total Drama Island. and Duncan with Geoff because he realized that Geoff wanted revenge on Duncan by making a prediction video in the second aftermath of Total Drama Action about how Duncan and Gwen are instead of being just friends, because he voted off Bridgette, Geoff's lover.
6 Third Season Makes Duncan Mad as a Devil!) (サードシーズンは、悪魔としてダンカンマッドを作ります!Sādo Season wa, akuma to shite Duncan maddo o tsukurimasu!)

After Duncan watched Season 3 of Total Drama, when it shows that Duncan had so many bad things that happened to him after he kissed Gwen in Episode 13 of TDWT, which was Chris' work, He became mad and transformed into a half demon. Which it's a big problem for Betty, Cody, Courtney, Chaz, Gwen, Tyler and Trent.

7 Galactic Guardian, Secretly Revealed (銀河のガーディアンは、密かに明らか,Ginga no gādian wa, hisoka ni akiraka) During a war Between Maximus IQ and the Cast of Total Drama, Betty was worried that she will expose her secret identity as a galactic guardian, even though science was sometimes not real in reality, but in fiction. Chaz and Regeena were aware of Betty's identity as a galactic guardian, which she ended up recruiting them.
8 Drama Machine Rebuild Version 2.0 (ドラママシンはバージョン2.0を再構築,Dorama mashin wa bājon 2. 0 O sai kōchiku) After Maximus Fixed the Drama Machine the crew of Celebrity Manhunt made, Alejandro became more stronger by entering an updated Maximus-powered Drama Machine, differently as the old one from the TD series
9 Invasion in Camp Wawanakwa (キャンプワワナクワに侵攻,Kyanpuwawanakuwa no shinkō) It's round Two of the battle of the cast vs Maximus with Galactic Guardians. This time it is very harder and better than ever. Alejandro tries to go against the whole cast of Total Drama with his updated Drama Machine.
10 Goodbye, My Bad Boy Love (さようなら、私のバッドボーイは、愛, Sayōnara, watashi no baddobōi wa, ai) During a second war between Maximus and everyone, Things are about to get intense for Duncan to do some things to destroy Maximus, which he failed by getting himself killed in a death match with Maximus and sacrificed for Courtney when Maximus tries to kill her. Which makes it the saddest thing to have for Chaz, Betty, Courtney, Gwen, Trent and the others.
11 From Revenge with Love and Friendships (愛と友情と復讐から, Ai to yūjō to fukushū kara) Betty confronts with Courtney when she felt sad about Duncan's death and she tells her to have to avenge his death by defeating Maximus, Heather and Alejandro. After Roger's hair which was powered by making wishes come true, was left in the Camp Wawanakwa, Chaz and the others must find a way to bring back Duncan to life by reading their minds and making a wish come true.
12 The Final Battle Against Maximus, Heather and Alejandro (マクシムス、ヘザーとアレハンドロの決勝戦バトル, Maximus, Heather to Alejandro' no kesshōsen batoru) After Duncan's revival got Betty, Chaz and Courtney surprised, The Cast, Betty and her crew must fight back to the finish to bring Heather, Alejandro and Maximus to justice once and for all!
13 Epilogue Party! (エピローグパーティー,Epirōgupātī!) The final episode of Atomic Betty X Total Drama. After Maximus' Defeat and Heather and Alejandro are sent to prison, The whole cast, Betty and her friends are enjoying the biggest party of all time. Betty thinks how her relationship with Chaz will last, and how Duncan and Courtney's future should be.

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