These are the episodes of the Second series called Atomic Betty X Total Drama V2

Number Episode Title Plot
2.1 Worldwide Fanatic Peace (世界的なファナティックピース,Sekai-tekina fanatikkupīsu)

After the events of the movie. Betty continues her summer hangout with the cast of Total Drama, even though it was still summer. But they had an idea to end the fan war world wide but ended up in Betty's hometown and they have to stay in her hometown for a while until the Jumbo Jet has been fixed.

NOTE: This is the first episode of the sequel series

2.2 Aftermath Aftermayhem (騒乱後余波,Sōran-go yoha) Geoff and Bridgette hosts the Aftermath once again! But this time they are talking about how Betty defeated Chris and Pontifidora on the movie.
2.3 Love Bites but Switches Back! (バイツがスイッチバックが大好き!, Baitsu ga suitchibakku ga daisuki)

Since a love bug bites not only Betty, but Chaz, Courtney and Duncan, Things are about to get switcheroo'd of love (and weirder) when Betty falls in love with Duncan, and Courtney falls in love with Chaz. The switched pairings might be a problem with everyone

NOTE: This is a sequel to Love Bites with Total Drama characters and switched pairings.

2.4 I See Double Duncans and Noahs (私は、ダブルダンカンとノアを参照してください。,

(Watashi wa, daburudankan to noa o sanshō shite kudasai.)

Since the Jumbo Jet is fixed and Duncan Paine accidentaly entered the Jumbo Jet, Owen realizes that Duncan and Duncan Paine had the same name, as well as Noah and Noah. Then he got a bit crazy because these four are very different.
2.5 Parodies, Parodies Everywhere (パロディ、パロディどこ,Parodi, parodi doko)

Noah and Owen team up to make a short parody movie in the same place and doing the same as Chris' challenges, Only parodying movies from any country.

NOTE: The title is a parody of the Toy Story internet meme with Woody and Buzz Lightyear

2.6 The Grown-Ups are not Babies?!

When Infantor invades the universe and turns everybody into babies with a ray, his plan got almost failing because he has half of his baby antidote to turn everybody into babies and adults and older teenagers are turned into tweens and 10-year olds. But it also turns tweens into babies.

Guest Stars: Cathy Weseluck/Junko Takeuchi as Young Duncan, Scott McNeil/Kappei Yamaguchi as Infantor, Joanne Vannicola/Megumi Ogata/Mayumi Tanaka/Sanae Kobayashi as Young Trent, Young Harold and Young Noah, Tara Strong/Maaya Sakamoto as Young Cody, Kathleen Barr/Romi Park as Young Geoff and Young Tyler/Young Ezekiel, Erin Matthews/Minami Takayama as Young DJ, Ashleigh Ball/Arisa Ogasawara as Young Justin and Flora Martinez/Aki Kanada as Young Alejandro.

2.7 Galactic Guardian Force Against all the Villains When They Returned from Ontario and had a message from Admiral DeGill, The four Galactic Guardians with the help of Sparky and X-5 to attack all the criminals who united after Maximus was defeated.
2.8 Remembering the Oldest Galactic Guardians (最も古い銀河ガーディアンを想起,Mottomo furui ginga gādian o sōki)

After a battle between Auntie Matter, Beatrixo and Jimmy, She got a heart attack after hours of defeating her, and Jimmy got a brain tumor, leading both to a sadden deceasure, leaving Betty very sad and worried that their grandfathers are gonna die.

Insert Song: Over the Star

2.9 Maximus Returns! (マクシムスを返します,Makushimusu o kaeshimasu) After the Galactic Guardian's battle with all villains Betty fought, Minimus tries to rebuild Maximus perfectly, and he succeeded after he done very well turning a dead cat into a cat cyborg and he invades the earth once again.
2.10 Battle for Canada (カナダのための戦い,Kanada no tame no tatakai) Since Maximus had returned and waged a war having revenge on Betty for defeating him and his villians when he made himself an alliance of villians, Betty and the Galactic Guardians must do the impossible by trying to defeat Maximus
2.11 Avenge for Love, Avenge for the Galaxy! (愛のために復讐、ギャラクシーのために討つ!, Ai no tame ni fukushū, gyarakushī no tame ni utsu!) Chaz was killed by Maximus after Betty and Courtney confronts their battle against Maximus, Betty was crying for Chaz's death, then she got very very mad at Maximus, which, she gone hotblooded and all powered up to kick Maximus' butt once and for all. Owen, Harold and the others are gonna do something to save Chaz' life before is too late.
2.12-13 Goodbye, Total Drama. (さようなら、トタル ドラマ ,Sayonara, Totaru Dorama)

After Chaz's revival by Betty's tears and the war between the galactic guardians and the forces of evil had ended, Betty and her friends must go back to Moose Jaw Heights, but after Duncan proposed marriage for Courtney, They would go after the wedding at Niagara falls. But things turn to the worse when Chris avenges his actions to stop Duncan and Courtney's wedding. But Betty says that It's time for Round 2, of Everyone vs. Chris.

NOTE: This is the final episode of the series, Which it means it's a series finale.

2.14 (Special) Compilation of Awesomeness (驚くのコンパイル, Odoroku no konpairu) The compilation episode of episodes 1-26 of the Series

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