The Atomic Betty X Total Drama Graphic novel is the rendition of the dream crossover story made in style of both illustration styles by Ridd Sorensen and Todd Kaufman. The graphic novel is published by Namco Bandai Comics, for which it had licensed games like Tekken, and Yen Press, distributor and publisher of the Darren Shan saga manga adaptation. The graphic novels are separated in novels, including specials and crossovers.


Volume 1: For Love, Friendships, and The Fandom!Edit

Volume 1 adapts the series' episodes from one to five. The illustration is by both Todd Kaufman for the Total Drama elements and Ridd Sorensen for the Atomic Betty elements.

Volume 2: Devils, Galactic Guardians and Wars!Edit

Volume 2 adapts from six to ten.

Volume 3: Final Battle Super-Happy-Fun-Time Trilogy!Edit

Volume 3 adapts the final episodes of ABXTD from episode eleven to episode thirteen. Including a sneak peek of next volume adapting ABXTD v2 with the first episode

Volume 4: A Sequel So FarEdit

Volume 4 will adapt Atomic Betty X Total Drama V2 the same as the first 3 volumes.

Volume 5: From Canada with LoveEdit

Volume 5 adapts the ABXTDV2 episodes from six to ten.

Volume 6: Final Battle Super-Happy-Fun-Time Trilogy: Part 2 - Hyper Fateful Wars!Edit

Volume 6 will adapt the 2 final episodes of ABXTDV2, Includes the adaptation of the 2-part series finale of ABXTD

Other Graphic NovelsEdit

Specials/Major MoviesEdit

The Specials will be an adaptation of the first and third OVA published by Namco Bandai Comics. Also they adapt Movies like "Barrett-McLean Judgement", "ABXTD Ft. Sujira and ABII: Movie Wars Cross", and "Futuristic Final Chapter". Also it will have prequels to the movie.

Short ComicsEdit

The Short comics will be considered as a bunch of one-shots of Atomic Betty X Total Drama, it will be published by Namco Bandai Comics and Scholastic. It also includes Atomic Pony X Total Transfordramers and Ultimate ABXTD


Takara Tomy w/ Namco Bandai: ABxTD and MLP/TFEdit

Tokyopop and Namco Bandai with the association of Hasbro, Teletoon and Takara Tomy will adapt the series and the videogame into a full 8-chapter comic book. The comic book will include one shots.

Ultimate Atomic Betty X Total DramaEdit

The miniseries will be adapted with an anime artstyle for the graphic novel despite its design as cartoonish to the TV series and it is published by Tokyopop.

Slash Prime MangaEdit

The Slash Prime Manga is illustrated by Hiroyuki Imashi and Man of Action, adapted by Tagro, and unveiled in Weekly Shonen Jump.


The availability of the novels are on sale by any comic book store everywhere, and also for reading on the internet under the Namco Bandai website, Also by download on the PlayStation Network and any others.