Atomic Betty X Total Drama PlotEdit

After the Events of Atomic Betty: Mission Earth and Total Drama World Tour, Betty lives in secret fear after the break-up of Duncan and Courtney after the episode "Greece's Pieces" due to Chris McLean blackmailing Duncan to not to love Courtney due to her behavior, After the end of Season 3 and productions of Season 4 named "Revenge of the Island", Chaz, Noah, Betty, Sparky, Regeena and X-5 reacted to the ending and Betty has a way with Drama and sorrow after the season Ended and the new season gets a new cast since the first are assumed dead but not really dead and due to the fans on the Internet fighting over 2 Pairings due to Gwen and Courtney's behavior in the series for 3 seasons and thinking about the future of Courtney, Duncan, Trent and Gwen. Betty decides to end the fan war by going to Ontario on an convention with his friends for the panel of Total Drama with Chris and the first generation's cast, but some fans end up in a Fan war for Duncney or DunGwen. So Betty runs with rage and honor to end the fan war and tell the truth behind the break-ups and the destruction of romance in the reality show. But ended up in Confessions and Feelings for Duncan by Courtney and for Trent by Gwen and ended up with so much confessions, which Betty had a victory of ending the fan war as she planned and with her friends she is going to hang out with the cast (except Heather, Alejandro, Chef and Chris) on an Abandoned Studio Lot on Ontario. Which The Galactic Guardian Headquarters moves into the place when it took place in Total Drama Action. But it led up when the galaxy broadcasted about Atomic Betty ended the Total Drama Fan War, Maximus will go back to Earth, This time to Destroy Betty and the whole world (Eventually)

Second Series Plot (V2)Edit

After the events of the first movie, Betty and her friends are having the last days of Summer hanging out with the cast of the reality series. But she might tell the same thing to end the fan war all around the world. And ended up making the cast get in Moose Jaw Heights for a while. But she has to fear many enemies as they can to protect humanity once and for all with the galactic guardians recruited. It also marks the return of Maximus IQ as a cyborg cat.