Leader(s) John Africa

Foundation 1972

Active region(s) Philadelphia

Ideology Anarcho-primitivism Black Liberation Communalism Environmentalism

Political position Far-left

Major actions 1978 and 1985 fatal shootouts with police officers

Status Active Move may refer to:

Contents [hide] 1 Science and technology 1.1 Computing 1.2 Other sciences

2 Government, law and politics 3 Organizations 4 Arts and entertainment 4.1 Music 4.2 Other media

5 Other uses 6 See also

Science and technology[edit]

Computing[edit] Move (command), a shell command mv (short for move), a Unix command A state transition of a finite state machine

Other sciences[edit] Motion (physics) Move α, in linguistics, a feature of the Revised Extended Standard Theory (REST) of transformational grammar developed by Noam Chomsky

Government, law and politics[edit] Motion (legal) Motion (democracy) Motion (parliamentary procedure) Immigration Emigration

Organizations[edit] Daihatsu Move MOVE, a Philadelphia-based activist organization MOVE (Hungary), an early Hungarian fascist group Move (company), an online real estate company The Move (Sam Fife), a nondenominational Christian group Move (electronics store), a defunct Australian electronics retailer Move Records, a record label

Arts and entertainment[edit]

Music[edit] Move (Japanese band), a Japanese group The Move, a 1960s rock band The Move (album), a 1968 album by The Move

"The Move", a song by The Beastie Boys from Hello Nasty Move (Earl Klugh album), 1994 Move (Freak Kitchen album), 2002 Move (Third Day album), 2010 Move (Yoshida Brothers album), 2000 Move (EP), an EP by BtoB "Move" (CSS song), 2008 "Move" (Little Mix song), 2013 "Move" (MercyMe song), 2011 Move (Moby song), 1993 "Move" (Q-Tip song), 2008 "Move" (Thousand Foot Krutch song) "Move (If You Wanna)", a 2008 song by Mims "Move", a single by Dance or Die "Move (You're Steppin' on My Heart)", a song by The Dreamettes in the 1981 musical Dreamgirls and its 2006 motion picture "Move", a song by Denzil Best "Move", a song by H-Blockx "Move", a song by Inspiral Carpets from the album Life "Move", a song by Audio Adrenaline "Move", a song by Luke Bryan

Other media[edit] PlayStation Move, a motion controller for the PlayStation 3 Move (1970 film), a comedy film directed by Stuart Rosenberg Move (2012 film), a German film CFXJ-FM, a rhythmic adult contemporary radio station in Toronto, branded as 93-5 The Move

Other uses[edit] Daniil Move (born 1985), a Russian auto racing driver The Move (American football), the NFL relocation of the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore

See also[edit] Mauve Migration (disambiguation) Moove (disambiguation) Motion (disambiguation) Movement (disambiguation) Moves (disambiguation) Mover (disambiguation) Moving (disambiguation) Prime mover (disambiguation) Remove (disambiguation)